Dab Pen Refills with Natural Terpenes and Flavor

1 Gram THC cartridge Infused with Natural Terpenes and Flavors

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Dab Pen Refills Infused with Natural Terpenes and Flavors

Brand new to the DrGoodDabs line is Dab pen refills with natural terpenes and organic flavors. We sourced only the best non-GMO, food grade, kosher, natural terpenes and organic flavors. They are the best of nature in one drop. DrGoodDabs Dab Pen refill cartridges are filled with a full one gram of THC smoking oil. The cartridges come in  different blends that have been custom made by the Dr. himself. Our dab refill cartridges are easy to use, discreet, and convenient. They are even more discreet with the natural terpenes and organic flavors. We put out product that we smoke and our families smoke. We test our products on a panel of consumers and only put the best of the best out on the market.

Whether you are using DrGoodDabs smoking oil medically or recreationally, here are some facts.
  • Our oils are strong and long-lasting even for experienced cannabis smokers.  They are de-waxed, handcrafted, 100% pure full-spectrum cannabis oil.
  • DrGoodDabs THC percentages range from 70% – 90%.
  • DrGoodDabs smoking oils are made from pesticide-free, hand-trimmed, hang dried, and indoor-grown B.C. bud. DrGoodDabs is lucky to work with decades old cannabis growers such as, Rocky Ridge Farms, Bike Boys Buds, and several other nameless top shelf BC growers.
  • Dab pen kit/ dab pen refills are convenient, discreet and perfect for public or private use. In the eyes of many our dab pen kit/ dab pen refills are the best bang for your buck.
  • Everyone reacts differently to cannabis and we all have different medical histories. Talk to your Medical Practitioner before consuming any of our DrGoodDabs products. And don’t leave your dab cartridge in direct hot sun for long periods of time and don’t expose it to extreme heat. And, consume responsibly!

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