Replacement Battery and Charger

1 Black Battery and 1 Charger


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This listing is for one replacement black battery and one charger. DrGoodDabs dab cartridge is NOT included. Check out our Dab Pen Kits and our Dab Pen Refills if your looking for one of our awesome cartridges.

The DrGoodDabs – Dab Pen Kit setup is easy to use, discreet, and convenient. There is no need for a button, simply inhale and a light on the tip of the pen lets you know it’s activated. Our batteries have a 510 thread and can be used with most common cartridges. But, if you’ve tried DrGoodDabs Dab cartridges, why would you ever smoke anything else.  😉

  • DrGoodDabs dab pen battery is discreet, perfect for public or private use. In the eyes of many, our dab pen batteries are the best bang for your buck.
  • The tip of the battery will light up when you inhale. Our batteries allow you to take a 10 second inhale. When your battery is dead, the light on the tip will blink. To charge your battery simply unscrew the dab cartridge and gently screw in the charger. Plug the USB end of the charger into your charging block or USB charging port.
  • Don’t leave your dab pen and battery in direct sun for long periods of time and don’t expose it to extreme heat. Keep your battery dry and clean. If the battery connection to the dab cart gets any residue, gently clean with isopropanol on a Q-tip.
  • Also, keep it far away from children and pets. And, consume cannabis products responsibly!