Dr Good Cap

1 Silicone Dab cartridge to piece adapter.



The Dr Good Cap is a silicone dab cartridge to piece adaptor. Use the Dr’s cap with your Dr Good Dabs cartridges and your favourite bong or rig. The Dr’s caps are made with food grade, temperature resistant silicone. The tapered design allows it to fit into small and large stem openings on your bong or rig, or even right into the bowl. You can get huge clouds with this new set up. Make your Dr Good Dabs cartridges even smoother when you hit it through your bong. The Dr Good Cap has changed dabbing on the go.

People who like a true dab find the Dr’s cap a perfect partner with their Dr Good Dabs cartridges. Our batteries time out after a 10 second inhale, which normally is a lot. But, it allows you to take multiple 10 second pulls into the bong, then inhale. Seriously huge clouds.

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Green, Blue