Massage Oil

250mg THC in 4oz. Holly Oil



Massage Oil

Dr Good Dabs Massage Oil uses four ounces of a high-grade holly oil as the base mixed with two hundred and fifty milligrams of Dr Good Dabs THC topical oil. We have four scent options, lavender, citrus, rosemary mint, and unscented. Dr Good Dabs oil is great as part of your daily self-care routine or for specific aches and pains. Our oil is excellent for massage. Dr Good Dabs massage oil will leave your skin feeling hydrated instead of greasy.

Whether you’re using Dr Good Dabs topical THC oil medically or recreationally, here are some facts.
  • Dr Good Dabs topical THC oil is strong and long lasting. The THC content ranges from 50% – 75%. Each blend will have the % listed in the product info section.
  • Dr Good Dabs topical THC oil is 100% additive free, de-carboxylated, full spectrum oil. Our oil is made with Holly Oil (Paraffinum Liquidum, Vitamin E, Water, Holly, Jojoba Oil), 250mg THC. Plus, essential oils if scented.
  • The oil comes in a variety of unscented, lavender, citrus, and rosemary mint.
  • Dr Good Dabs topical THC oils are made from pesticide free, hand trimmed, hang dried, and indoor grown B.C. bud. Dr Good Dabs is lucky to work with decades old cannabis growers such as, Rocky Ridge Farms, Arty’s World, Bike Boys Buds, and several other nameless top shelf BC growers.
  • Dr Good Dabs massage oil is a great topical product. It works nicely into your daily self-care routine, or for relief from aches and pains.
  • Alongside with this, Everyone reacts differently to cannabis and we all have different medical histories. Talk to your Medical Practitioner before consuming any of our Dr Good Dabs products. Keep your massage oil stored in a cool, dark place, far away from children and pets. And, consume responsibly!

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Unscented, Lavender, Citrus, Rosemary Mint