Infused Maple Syrup



100% Canadian Infused Maple Syrup. We start with a grade A, amber rich maple syrup and slow infuse it with our very own DrGoodDabs edible oils. We have made our infused maple syrup in two different milligram dosages so you can tailor your high with DrGoodDabs. We have a 200mg THC option as well as a 400mg THC option. Enjoy this classic Canadian treat on your Saturday morning pancakes or add our infused maple syrup to your baking. Use as a dessert topping or to infuse and sweeten your coffee and tea. Getting high has never taste so delicious. But remember to enjoy responsibly and never underestimate an edible, especially when it’s DrGoodDabs. Everyone reacts differently to cannabis and we all have different medical histories. Talk to your Medical Practitioner before consuming any of our products. Keep your edibles far away from children and pets.

Our new infused Maple Syrup is available in an 8oz. pouch with a 200mg THC option and a 400mg THC option.

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200mg THC, 400mg THC