Should You Get a Disposable Dab Pen?

A disposable dab pen is cheap, and easily available, but is it worth your time and money?

A Short-Term Solution

If you find yourself out of town, in need of a quick fix, and without your regular rig, then a disposable model is a good, fast solution. Similarly, if you’re new to the scene and not too sure about all this vapourizing business then you might want to dip your foot in the pool with the smaller investment.

Naturally, the biggest flaw with disposable dab pens is also their biggest selling point: they’re not built to last.

A Better Way

The convenience of a disposable dab pen is little more than a marketing ploy. It’s 2019 and it’s no longer taboo to talk about and use cannabis. You’re not sure about dab pens? There’s a good chance at least one of your friends is using one, and not only will they give you their opinion on it, they’ll probably let you try it too. Even if you have no friends, there are still knowledgeable staff at each and every single dispensary you walk into.

“But what if I’m on vacation and didn’t bring my dab pen?” If you find yourself in a strange new city with no pen to call your own, there are still better options than a disposable pen. Vacations are all about expanding your horizons, so you could try switching up how you get your THC fix. Try an edible, or even a topical solution. If you really need that dab, just remember that the cannabis culture is built on community. If you ask, you will probably receive.

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Reuse and Recycle

The biggest problem with a disposable dab pen is what you do with it after. While some brands make recyclable pens, it’s more likely that your cheap pen will wind up add to the heap of a landfill.

When it comes to dabbing, the reusable dab pens will always have an edge over the disposable pens. A superior make, longer lifetime, and greater variety of oil choices will serve you much better in the short and long term.

Dr. Good Dabs specializes in dab pens that are not only solidly built, but environmentally conscious as well. Dabbing isn’t going to disappear anytime soon, so you might as well go in for the long haul.