The Difference Between Edibles

Getting the Good Stuff

The difference between edibles can be hard to nail down; gel capsules and oils all tend to look the same at a glance, but they can give wildly different experiences. Finding the right edible doesn’t have to be a matter of luck though; there are a few easy ways to pick out a winner.

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Don’t do distillate

This may be the simplest piece of advice in theory, but it can be difficult to follow. Most edibles on the market are made with distillate, rather than a full spectrum cannabis oil. The difference between edibles made from distillates and edibles made from full spectrum oil is like the difference between a Beatles cover band and the actual Beatles: no matter how good the cover band is, it’ll never be the real deal. For your needs, go to

Disadvantages of distillate

If anyone has ever complained to you about an edible they ate, it was almost certainly made from distillate. Distillate highs are generally shorter than one from pure oil, and they have a clear peak, not dissimilar from riding a roller coaster. People occasionally exhibit unwanted physical ticks such as twitching, and if the concentration of distillate is too high it can lead to uncomfortably high levels of paranoia. As if all that wasn’t enough, distillate also overpowers the flavour of edibles pretty easily, leaving you with an unenjoyable edible experience from start to finish.

Advantages of full spectrum oil

Take everything we just said about distillate, flip it and reverse it, and you basically have the benefits of oil-based edibles. You can expect longer, stronger, more consistent highs that tend to be more body focused than head focused, which means they’re more effective for pain relief. On top of all that, you’ll get a weed taste in your edibles that doesn’t completely overpower any other ingredients. The difference between edibles should be pretty clear at this point: distillate bad, full spectrum oil good.

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