Topical THC Products:

The Hot Cannabis Topic

Topical THC products have been on the rise in the cannabis industry over the past couple of years. With increased interest in cannabis, and a decreased interest in smoking, it should come as no surprise that the industry is coming up with creative new methods for getting the good plant in you Xarelto side effects .

What is a topical THC product?

When we’re talking “topical” we don’t mean that it’s a hotly discussed topic, though it is that too, but rather that it’s applied directly to the body, like a lotion or cream. Topical THC products are a broad category and you’ll find that, they come in everything from cannabis-infused body lotions to hand creams to massage oils and even bath bombs!

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Benefits of topical application

Perhaps the most obvious benefit of using topical THC products is that you don’t have to smoke or inhale anything. Smoking is full of health risks, and even atomizing can be unhealthy if you don’t use the right products.

Where topical THC really shines is in its use as a medicinal product. Applying THC to the skin results in relief of pain, soreness, and inflammation without incurring any psychoactive effects. This means you can effectively introduce a marijuana-based moisturizing routine into your day-to-day life without worrying about going into work high off your gourd!

No issue too precise or too general

A lot of people use topical THC products to address specific issues such as headaches, cramps, itchy skin, muscle tension, and more. But you don’t need a specific condition to see the benefits. Applying THC to common problem areas can work as a bit of preventative measure as well.

Don’t expect to solve all your problems simply by running a cannabis-infused bath though. The effects of topical THC are more of a subtle easing of pain than a full-on cure. Think of this kind of THC use as an additional part of a healthy self-care routine rather than a solo effort.

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