What is a Dab Pen?

Here's What You Need To Know

A dab pen has no relation to the dab dance move, but we can still recommend it as an effective method for dealing with haters.

Many people are familiar with portable vapes and vape pens, but they may be unaware of the vape pens cooler cousin, the dab pen. Dab pens are portable devices for vaporizing dabs – a form of cannabis concentrate.

How does it work?

Now, that we’ve answered “what is a dab pen,” you’re probably curious as to how it works. The methods vary depending on the brand, but we’ll use Dr.Good Dabs dab pens as the standard. Dabs are inserted into a chamber on the pen, where they are then heated by a ceramic core heating system, powered by a reusable battery. The ceramic heating method prevents the vaporization of any unwanted chemicals, leaving you with nothing but the pure oil vapours. Not only does that make a dab pen a healthier choice, it means you don’t get any odd flavours added in; just pure cannabis.

Why use dabs?

Dr. Good Dabs uses full spectrum cannabis oil for its dabs, which means that the entire profile of the original plant is extracted to the concentrate. What this translates to is a high that is clean, and potent. Other products that only partially extract their buds are less potent, less flavourful, and simply less enjoyable overall.

A natural evolution

Dabs have been in cannabis culture for quite some time now. Anyone who’s been around long enough has one or two stories that revolve around heating up the nail rig and dipping a dab on it. What is a dab pen but a natural progression of that tradition. You can have no doubt that people will still be dabbing the old fashioned way until the tend of time, but for the health conscious, and the hip, the dab pen is set to be the new gold standard for cannabis consumption.