50mg THC Lego Block Gummies



Our new gummies are available in: 50mg THC X 8 Green Apple Gummies

DrGoodDabs is proud to present our new line of delicious fruity flavored Lego block gummies! Let’s be real here, who doesn’t love sugar coated gummy candies? Our new Lego block gummies are now available in a 50mg THC dose! Chewy and coated in sugar, these tasty gummies give you a classic gummy taste and feel that will have you coming back for more! Since these gummies are almost identical to the ones you can buy at a candy store but infuse with 50mg THC, be careful not to eat the entire bag! Made in Canada with only the best ingredients and infused with 100% pure decarboxylated cannabis oil, these tasty THC edible gummies are the perfect treat for a night in or for on the go use! Not only do the gummies taste great, but they are also quite effective for people suffering from insomnia, depression, who are in need of appetite stimulation, pain relief, stress relief and more! With these potent gummies, dosing has never been easier and more enjoyable!

Whether you are using DrGoodDabs candies medically or recreationally, here are some facts.
  • Our THC infused Lego block gummies have a sweet and soft, and super fruity flavor. Perfect for sweet tooth’s!
  • With Candy, dosing has never been easier!
  • Remember that the edibles effect can take longer than other forms of Cannabis consumption, start slow and consume with caution.
  • Ideal for non-smokers. Enjoy responsibly.
  • Everyone reacts differently to cannabis and we all have different medical histories. Talk to your Medical Practitioner before consuming any of our DrGoodDabs products. Keep your edibles far away from children and pets. And, consume responsibly!

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Assorted, Cherry Cola, Green Apple, Peach, Raspberry